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Ross Lukeman’s Cargo Van Conversion Course

Anyone interested in alternative home building projects may know Ross Lukeman of Alternative Homes Today. Ross worked for years as an architect, but recently quit his job to run his online business. His home is new as well. Ross recently converted and will be moving into a Chevy cargo van and is offering a course on […]

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Tiny House T-Shirt Special

T-shirt - Free Shipping

We were inspired by the Simple And Informative look of a Diagram, There is so much information contained in these drawings and we thought this would perfectly marry with a Tiny House On Wheels so we created a shirt that is Aesthetically appealing and Whimsical. It answers many questions people ask about Tiny Houses in […]

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Testing Out A Tiny

It seems every time a new builder hits the tiny house scene the ceiling price of a 300 or so square foot home sky rockets. Then comes the inevitable conversation about how much a tiny house is really worth and how they are becoming too “big business” or mainstream. The truth I try to bring […]

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