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Code-Friendly Fresno’s California Tiny House Company

It’s no wonder that California is a hotbed of tiny houses—the cost of housing warrants it. However, the father and son team California Tiny House are trying to curtail the higher prices in one of the more affordable areas of the state with tiny starter homes and custom homes. California Tiny House builds both custom […]

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What’s The Big Idea With The Tiny House Market?

In the last year I have seen no less than 9 new tiny house builders crop up across the United States and 5 shut their doors. That percentage just isn’t great no matter how you look at it. It doesn’t even adhere to popular statistics as recently re-emphasized by Forbes magazine; “7 out of 10 […]

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ESCAPE Vintage is a Classic, Affordable THOW

The ESCAPE brand of tiny homes are some of the most memorable. Forbes has even called the homes “the most beautiful Tiny Houses in the world.” The latest ESCAPE design, Vintage, is also the company’s most affordable. ESCAPE is also offering a special for the first 10 buyers of the Vintage. They will deliver the home […]

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