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Fijian Bure

The traditional Fijian bure is a wood hut with a straw roof and usually no heating or air conditioning. It is cooled by placing windows where they can access a cross-breeze. Bures are sometimes built with whatever is on hand in the local area.

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Habitats Hawai’i

While most of us around the U.S. are experiencing the nip of winter cold, these tiny houses on the Big Island of Hawai’i are looking wonderful in their warm, tropical environment. Habitats Hawai’i are tiny homes on wheels created to simplify life and to live in a blended environment with the outdoors.

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Mini House ONE+

Described as a lego set for adults, the Mini House ONE+ was designed and built by the Swedish company Add a Room. The ONE+ houses are designed to start out as a basic 15 square meter (approximately 161 square feet) module which can be added on to as needed in many different configurations. Add a […]

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