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Travelling (and Living) on the Outskirts

Even when you’ve downsized your life, you may find you can downsize even more. Duncan and Jessica, of Traveling on the Outskirts, found this out when they decided to get rid of the trappings of modernity: the house, car, big TV and full-time jobs. They initially bought a fifth wheel trailer and a large truck […]

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The Unicat

This “garbage truck” has caused a bit of a stir on the Web. What some people thought was a refurbished rubbish vehicle is really a heavy-duty, off-road RV called the Unicat. Unicats are manufactured in Germany and custom units can take up to 12 months to complete. If anything, these mobile houses are a great […]

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Class B Motorhomes

While doing some research for a friend who is looking for a small RV to take to Burning Man, I fell hard for the comfort and design of Class B RVs. As a tiny house, these things are swanky! Of the three types of motorized RV’s, Class B motorhomes are the smallest. They are larger […]

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