Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers

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For those of you who have fallen in love with the Rustic Way cabin on the cover of Issue 15 of the Tiny House Magazine, owner Dan Pauly is collaborating with Marvin Dinovitz of Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers to bring the structures made from old barn wood to the West coast of the U.S.


Marvin owns Tahoe Tiny Houses and Trailers and has built a few of the Rustic Way designs for homeowners in the Tahoe area. Marvin plans on providing several configurations of the Rustic Way houses to be used as extra bathrooms, saunas, dressing rooms or bunk houses.

“Dan Pauly is an incredible craftsman who lives and breaths old barn wood,” Marvin said. “I’m excited to be working with him.”




Marvin worked for years restoring both large and small boats and has his own company restoring Airstream trailers for use as small housing units. He said that many people have Airstream shells that have fallen into disrepair and don’t know what to do with them. Marvin said he asks vintage Airstream owners to hang onto the interior parts of a trailer because even those can be restored.


His Airstream housing units can be used as guesthouses, art or yoga studios, small homes or backyard getaways. They are still mobile, but need to be connected to the house septic system if they have a bathroom. He incorporates green building techniques, LED lighting and solar panels.

Marvin also plans on restoring a few Airstreams with fun themes—his first is a Gene Autry/Roy Rogers/1950s cowboy theme with barn wood. He estimates a restored Airstream will cost around $25,000.

“I think tiny dwellings in the 300 square foot range are where people are going to head toward in the future,” Marvin said. “Once you downsize to the basics, you don’t need very much.”


Photos by Rustic Way and Marvin Dinovitz

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Living in Sixty Square Feet

by Kent Griswold on January 8th, 2014. 48 Comments

by Heather Terrell

This is our sixty square foot 1964 Li’l Beaver Camper. My husband Shane and I, and our two dogs, are 81 days into our adventure traveling across America, and we will be going until we decide to stop. This has really been a trip of a lifetime.

We did a total rehab on the Li’l Beaver after finding that there was too much water damage to let it fly. We took it down to the trailer, and built it back up. We salvaged the outside shell, most of the vintage windows, the oven, and the sink. We even put in an air conditioner.

Lil Beaver and us

We wanted the interior to reflect us, since we would be living in it. As you can see, we wanted to make it colorful and funky. It took us about 4 months to finish. It was the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but it was totally worth it. We knew once it was finished, our road trip could begin. It really hasn’t been that hard living in this tiny space, and I doubt I will ever really want to live in anything more than 1000 sq. ft.

Follow Heather’s blog  and see before and after pictures of their tiny home: http://lilbeaveradventures.blogspot.com/

kitchen and clock



right side of bedroom


1948 Spartan Manor Restoration

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by Rick Zabel

My wife and I were living in Santiago, Chile when most of the work was done and communicated by email and Skype to get our influence into the design. This is a 1948 Spartan Manor that was pretty much just a shell when we purchased it.

During the restoration we even incorporated some old furniture that we had to be built into the cabinetry. The interior is completely new, and we requested a design that would allow us to dry camp for a week at a time. We have solar charged batteries, holding tanks and very modern conveniences.

1948 Sparton Manor

The Flyte Camp crew was great to deal with and they do fantastic work. See all the photos here.

This renovation was filmed for Extreme RVs on the Travel Channel, although I admit that I haven’t seen the show yet. Kent found it so check it out below.

Looking for your own vintage trailer follow Kent’s Facebook fan page

1948 Sparton Manor

living room


kitchen sink

kitchen and bedroom


bedroom and bathroom

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Silver Tears Camper

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An American Classic

The Davis Design Workshop is dedicated to creating and developing custom furniture, fine pieces, and just about anything you can think of. This same craftsmanship is present throughout each Silver Tears camper.

The teardrop camper. An instant classic when it first hit the American highway in the 40s. Often hand-built in neighborhood garages from surplus war materials, the teardrop was a personal statement. Silver Tears Campers expands the personal statement into a road epic. Unencumbered, you’ll travel light, but smart, with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Pull it with your Mini, if you like. Maneuver it deftly through the woods to the creek bank. Fry trout in the open-air kitchen. Rub your hands across the figured maple counter top. Read that novel in the light of the kerosene lantern. Fall asleep to the sound of rain on the aluminum roof. Dream of tomorrow’s adventures. Get up and go. Learn more here http://silvertearscampers.com/

Woodie Teardrop






tiny teardrop


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