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Jacqueline’s Minty Turd

My tiny is a work in progress. Meet “The Minty Turd”, and yes, I know, it’s a terrible name, but when I’ve got it to where I want it, the name will fade away. Meanwhile, it’s pretty appropriate. My soon to be fully lived in tiny house is a 1954 Michigan Arrow, built by the […]

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A New Look into the Little Guy Max Trailer

The August (#68) issue of Tiny House Magazine features an interview with Chris Baum of Little Guy Trailers and Liberty Outdoors and the new Max and Mini Max camping trailers. The Max and the Mini Max trailers are Little Guy’s foray into the larger trailer market, but both of them can still be towed by […]

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Joanna and Matthew and Greetings from Colorado

A few weeks ago I did a tour and visit with Matthew and Joanna and the Living Vehicle. You can read the post HERE. We had a fun time and I asked Joanna to keep me in the loop as they traveled on. They just wrapped up a tiny house event in Colorado Springs at […]

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