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Colorado’s Tiny House Movement, Communities and Resources Galore

The tiny house movement in Colorado is booming. Despite limited legal parking opportunities for tiny homes on wheels. But that is changing in a big way, thanks to community developers and local advocates. Their efforts have been aided by all the positive press about the last few years’ exuberant festivals, from the first Tiny House […]

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Nothing Is Nailed Down: Avoiding Theft

Property crime has plummeted. Not only are fewer people committing a crime, but fewer crimes have been committed since 1990. This is an amazing credit to our society since people have become poorer and the population has exploded, which are typically indicators of higher crime rates. That being said. Your tiny house isn’t nailed down, […]

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The BIG Tiny House Reading List

Summer is still here. Time for leisure reading time at the pool or in the hammock. Maybe with all this good weather you’re building your dream tiny home and wondering what comes next. Whether you are looking for downsizing tips, lifestyle inspiration, tiny home swoon or building tips, I have a long, rich recommended reading […]

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