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National Shed Week

It’s National Shed Week in the UK. Since I follow the Shedworking blog quite closely for ideas for tiny houses I thought you folks would like to read about it at Alex’s Shedworking blog. There are polls, photo contests and the shed of the year to look at. Many of the sheds portrayed the Shedworking […]

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Small Houses and Quirky Homes

Taken from an article called America at Home posted on Yahoo News. Read and view several more unique homes here. (by Judy Griesedieck/America at Home) Thank you Christina from Feline Design for sharing this with the Tiny House Blog. Grand Marais, Minnesota: Julie Keane lives in a tiny shack on the property of her ex-husband […]

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Ten Tips For Decorating a Small Studio Apartment

Studio apartments can be difficult to decorate because everything is basically all in one big (or not so big) room. Sometimes this small space has to accommodate several different activities: sleeping, entertaining, cooking and an office area. Here are ten tips for decorating a small studio apartment: 1. Provide enough storage. Try to find furnishings […]

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