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Tiny House Forum

Michael Janzen ( and I were talking a while back and it occurred to us the tiny house world probably could use a real Tiny House Forum. Several readers of the Tiny House Blog have suggested that it would be a good idea as well. A forum is different than a blog. A blog is […]

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This Old House – Small Space Solutions

Not Everything is Bigger in Texas More publicity for the “Tiny House Movement.” A new tiny house article written by: Amy R. Hughes of This Old House Magazine. In 2006 Brad Kittel expanded his salvage business, Discovery Architectural Antiques, in Gonzales, Texas, to include diminutive, one-of-a-kind houses built almost exclusively out of the vintage materials he […]

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Ecovillage Disability Assistant

Are you interested in learning about life in an ecovillage? Do you want to get some experience living off the grid while helping a disabled person at the same time? If you answer yes to these questions, then you should be interested in this work exchange opporutnity. Nathan Brown who has helped me get the […]

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