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Tiny Free House Progress

Michael Janzen just posted a complete summary of his weekend working on the tiny free house on his project blog. In a nutshell he spent two days building the floor out of pallets and got some pallets up for the walls. Michael Janzen is not sure when or if the article will make it to […]

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Getting Around Covenants?

One of our readers named Lyle has a question for those of you knowledgeable in covenants. Here it is: I keep running into this small problem in the town I’m living in. I look at a piece of land I like then find out that the covenants for the area require a min. sq footage of at […]

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Furniture for Small Houses

In a tiny house or small space it is very important that the furniture fits and is sized correctly for the space. Living in a small space forces you to re-evaluate your needs and to de-clutter your belongings. Wooden Beds should not be oversized or overwhelming to the room. The use of small lumber is […]

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