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Getting Around Covenants?

One of our readers named Lyle has a question for those of you knowledgeable in covenants. Here it is: I keep running into this small problem in the town I’m living in. I look at a piece of land I like then find out that the covenants for the area require a min. sq footage of at […]

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Furniture for Small Houses

In a tiny house or small space it is very important that the furniture fits and is sized correctly for the space. Living in a small space forces you to re-evaluate your needs and to de-clutter your belongings. Wooden Beds should not be oversized or overwhelming to the room. The use of small lumber is […]

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Sorensen’s Hidden Cabins

by Christina Nellemann On the way up to my favorite hiking and kayaking spots in Northern California, I always stop at the loveliest little group of cabins I have ever seen. Sorensen’s is a historic resort in the Sierra Nevada which has been offering their mountain retreat to travelers since 1926. Sorensen’s is at an […]

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