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Tiny Yellow House #5 – Vermont Cabin

Deek just sent me a link to his latest Tiny Yellow House vidoe, so I decided to slip it into today’s video day. We head to the green mountains of Vermont, where Deek and his brother have been working on a cabin in the woods for several years. Away from the noise and chaos of […]

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The Human Scale of Tiny Homes

Stephen Marshall built his first tiny home as a way to afford his own home in the pricey San Francisco Bay Area. A few decades later, he designs and builds custom tiny homes for people who need extra space, live-in caregivers, home offices and even those breaking county laws and living in his tiny trailers. […]

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Manhattan 90-square-foot Microstudio

Kirsten Dirksen from located in Barcelona, Spain contacted me the other day to share some more of her videos. I had posted a couple of her videos about Jenines tiny house and she is sharing a series on tiny spaces with the Tiny House Blog. I have started a new category called Tiny House […]

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