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Deek’s Pallet Chair Video

I made my first videos of Bill Brooks tiny house recently and all I can say is I am very impressed with Deek’s ability to produce his fantastic videos. The flow, the humor, the professionalism just is fantastic. Deek just shared with me his most recent release of the Tiny Yellow House series about making […]

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Liveaboard Life: A Tiny Home at Sea

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go out with a friend on the bay in a small boat they plan to live in part time. It gave me a chance to see what it would be like to live on a boat. Teresa Carey shares her experience here. When Teresa Carey […]

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Man With The Ugly Hat Book Reviews

In this new lo-fi episode of “Man With The Ugly Hat” we cover books from Gerald Rowan, Jay Shafer, Dan Mulfinger, David and Jeanie Stiles, Suzanne Lewis, Colin Beaven, and many more. Also, for kicks/my own amusement this vid was solar lit originally, but the lights I had were a little weak, so I ultimately […]

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