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Driving with Style, No CDL Required – with Greg Shields

The tiny house movement attracts people who want to have a more mobile lifestyle. However, as they quickly discover, moving them isn’t as easy as their weight might suggest. It’s not just the weight of the house but the difficult form that prompted Michelle’s move driver to comment “It pulls like a 13-foot high brick”. […]

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Blue. Beautiful. Tiffany. – with Tim Davidson and Sam

If you’ve been on social media lately, you have no doubt already seen our next guest. Or, rather, you have seen their house. The Tiffany is perhaps one of the most viewed tiny houses of all time and her beautiful, sea blue, exterior certainly makes her more memorable than most. But, since she cannot brag […]

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Curiously Exploring Hoarders ~ with Matt Chan

You’ve heard us talk about downsizing here on the Podcast. Hopefully you’ve learned a bit about organizing, how to get ready to live in a tiny space, and about how to prioritize experiences over life. This week, however, we’re donning the “other shoe” and interviewing someone with experiences in an almost-alternate-world that hopefully you’ll never […]

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