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Tiny House Builder Eric Bohne Podcast


This week Tiny House Podcast visits a unique Tiny House and its Builder Eric Bohne. The Firebird not your ordinary tiny house. Eric Bohne is not your ordinary tiny house builder. More of an engineering artist, tinkerer and vastly skilled builder, Eric has created an unusual but highly functional design for a tiny house. We’re […]

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A Tiny House and a Barrel of Monkeys (and other zaniness)

Trevor and Mary

This week Tiny House Podcast hosts Michelle, Mark and Perry chat with Trevor Gay and Mary Benasutti. They live in a tiny house located in a unique situation: on a rescued animal farm. With monkeys, raccoons, peacock, horses, opossum and a menagerie of cats, the show goes off the rails….fast! You can also follow them […]

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Abel Zimmerman Builds The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses

Abel Zimmerman

This week’s Tiny House Podcast features carpenter, nerd savant and maker of unquestionably the most beautiful and artistic tiny houses in the world, Abel Zimmerman and his crew at Zyl Vardos. They are the cream of the tiny house builder crop. Abel’s tiny houses look like blends of fortune cookies, boats and artistic flair, as […]

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