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Derek Diedricksen Raps on Shacks, Workshops, and the Past

deek bio

This week the Tiny House Podcast guest is Derek “Deek” Diedricksen creator of Relax Shacks, author, crazy man and self-admitted addict for building everything tiny. A successful icon of the tiny house movement, you could say Deek is the OG (Original Gansta) of the tiny house movement: he’s been building his creations since the early […]

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Rahul Salazar’s Quixote Village Has No Interest In Windmills

Quixote Village

Former Parole Officer turned Program Manager Rahul Salazar runs Quixote Village, a unique permanent resident facility for the homeless. What makes the village unique is residents live in 30 tiny houses. Quixote Village grew from the vision of a self-governing community of homeless adults in Olympia, Washington. In addition to the 30 tiny houses, Quixote […]

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Sewer Pipe Dreams: Andreas Strauss Creates Successful hotel From Sewer Pipe

Andreas Strauss

This week, Tiny House Podcast “travels” to Europe to interview Andreas Strauss, inventor, designer, hotelier. Ever considered living in a sewer pipe? After this episode you will. Andreas is the creator behind the word’s first hotel where the rooms are fashioned from nine-ton (brand new) city sewer pipes. Affectionately called The Daspark Hoteliers, the hotel […]

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