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Houses That Fit In Your Pocket with Ross Chapin

If you’re planning on visiting, living in, creating, or dreaming of a tiny house community; you have no doubt heard of our guest this week; Ross Chapin. His amazing vision, his dedication, and his book “Pocket Neighborhoods – Creating Small Scale Community in a Large Scale World” have created an opportunity to reshape the way […]

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Octagonal Love with Lou

Tiny Houses come in all shapes and sizes but building most tiny houses doesn’t require the complex mathematical calculations like building a yurt does. Lou, with Octobie, must be a genius. Michelle can hardly wrap her brain around designing in dormers for her tiny house. Lou builds copulas. Michelle finds compound miter cuts intimidating; for […]

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Tiny Getaway Houses with Jon Staff

There is nothing tiny about the vision of Jon Staff, our guest this week. And, “impressive” does not even begin to describe what he and his team have created for their guests. If you’re lucky enough to live in Boston or New York, you have no doubt heard about this amazing new way to unplug […]

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