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Lucking Out In LA With Steven And Sarahi Mejai

Los Angeles denizens Steven and Sarahi were living the American Dream as an accountant and an entertainment industry professional. There parents were excited for them, their friends were all living the same lifestyle. It was a perfect match of desire and fulfillment. But then, a very close friend lost her life. That changed everything for […]

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We Lost Our Guest…What Do We Do!?

We improvise, that’s what we do! With Shandra Morton & her dog Reno & John & Finn & Sarah Stebbins. Gracious! What began as a head-scratching problem turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for us at Tiny House Podcast. When our scheduled guest couldn’t make it, we wondered what would happen if we opened […]

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Telling Tiny Stories About Tiny Businesses With Sharon Ross

Sharon Ross is the founder of Eco Bags, a company she created after being frustrated with all the plastic bags in New York. An actor by education, Sharon attributes much of her success to acting, where improvisation, embracing failure and taking risks are they keys to success. Having put her personal touch on her company […]

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