Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on February 8th, 2014. 18 Comments

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape I found while searching for cabins in the woods. All I could find out about this one is that it is from somewhere in Southern Finland. I can’t seem to find out anything more.

So you photo detectives please go find out for me as I am probably posting someone’s copyrighted photo. I would like to at the least give the photographer’s name and credit his/her work with a link if possible.

I love the setting and the little cottage. I could live there quite peacefully. How about you?

somewhere in Finland

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Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on February 1st, 2014. 9 Comments

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape photo was taken by Alex von der Assen and the cabin was photographed at Loch Voil, Highlands Scotland, in January of 2014.

Alex says: You can take the boat to get to the nearest pub, but sometimes it is just nice to be by yourself.

You can view more photos of the area here: http://alexvonderassen.tumblr.com/

According to Wikipedia: Loch Voil is a small freshwater loch in Scotland. It is a short, narrow loch approximately 5 km (3½ miles) in length. It is separated from Loch Doine by fluvial deposits from the Monachyle Burn and is drained at its eastern end by the River Balvaig at Balquhidder. The Loch can be reached by a small single track road from Balquhidder leading to Inverlochlarig.

Loch Voil

Tiny House In a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on January 25th, 2014. 4 Comments

I grew up in Arizona and made quite a few visits to the Grand Canyon, both the North Rim and the South Rim. I never did more than a short hike or a couple of miles into the main canyon. We backpacked and spent several days in the Havasupai Canyon, a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.

This photo is of a cabin at Phantom Ranch. Located 4,600 feet below than the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is a community of eleven tiny houses designed by architect Mary E. J. Colter back in 1922. This is Phantom Ranch – the only lodging facility below the rim of the Grand Canyon.

The only access is by mule train, foot, or rafting down the Colorado River. It must be a welcoming site along the Bright Angel Creek with its bunks, fresh bedding, towels, and toilets. Showers are located centrally.

Learn more about Phantom Ranch.
Photo credit: Grand Canyon National Park Service.

Phantom Ranch

Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on January 18th, 2014. 10 Comments

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape of the the Wheelhaus Wedge set in the beautiful state of Wyoming. This is one one of my favorite park model homes and I hope to one day visit and stay in one of these. Actually the model I personally like the best is the Caboose style. If you are interested in seeing more of Wheelhaus designs click here.

These park models are located in a high end resort called Fireside Resort at the Jackson Hole Campground. Here is what they say about themselves.

Jackson Hole’s first nature lodging experience and only luxury summer and ski cabin resort. Each of our 19 one-bedroom Fireside Cabins represent a combination of both rustic and modern design. Located just minutes from the slopes and Grand Teton National Park, Firside Resort is the perfect choice for all seasons. Jackson Hole luxury lodging that is truly one of a kind.

This is the kind of understated quality, simplified luxury and access to nature that you can relax yourself into. Warm and inviting. Rustic and simple. Cozy up in one of our many Jackson Hole cabin rentals. Your own private campfire is just a match away. The s’mores are on us!

No this is not an ad, I’m just really impressed and I love the photo of the tiny home/cabin in a landscape. Do you have a favorite place in a beautiful setting? Please send your photo to me at tinyhouseblog (at) gmail.com. Thank you!

Wheelhaus Wedge cabin