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Fencl Update #6

Tuesday, I went out to Jay’s at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company to check on the latest progress of the Fencl. When I left last week they were just starting to put in the interior tongue and groove wall panelling. As you can see, the main walls have been covered and they are working on finishing all […]

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Gratitude Millworks on Ebay

In January, I ran an article about Kent McCaffrey’s tiny house company called Gratitude Millworks, LLC located on the east coast in the heart of Dixie in the state of Alabama. Kent called me this morning to let me know that he was offering this beautiful backyard timber cottage, that is built like a piece […]

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Jay’s Vardo for Sale

***Sold*** Jay Shafer is selling his Vardo. He built it primarily to use up some scrap he had lying around. Jay says: “My wife and I have enjoyed using it three times to camp by the beach and it was on Brazil’s version of Oprah, but, now, we could use the cash for some upcoming expenses more than we […]

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