Nelson Tiny Houses

by Kent Griswold on November 24th, 2013. 13 Comments

Nelson Tiny Houses is a locally-owned, sustainably-produced company that builds superior tiny houses. As builders and designers, we are inspired by the mountains, forests, lakes and culture of this special part of southern British Columbia. As such, we view building tiny houses as a place where science meets art, where trade meets craft, where a shelter becomes a home.

acorn tiny house

Whether you are an existing homeowner looking to create a guest house, extra bedroom, office or rental opportunity, or new to owning your own home and looking to find a way that just makes sense, you have come to the right place. Tiny houses are bigger than they appear: they are a political movement, they are a work of art, they are a place to call home. Nelson Tiny Houses: Bigger than just a place to live.

Nelson Tiny House Goals
We build beautiful and functional tiny houses and we want to sell them to you. When you decide to buy a house from us, you will know exactly what you’re getting, how much it costs, and when it will be delivered.


We focus on two basic house models, the “V” house and the Acorn house. Each model has a distinctive shape and basic layout. However, many details will be different in each house. Besides being opportunistic about materials (we salvage and reclaim a large portion of our building material), we think uniqueness is an important characteristic of an amazing house. We happily build to suit your needs.

The Acorn house has a 14′ x 8.5′ footprint, covered front porch, gable roof with dormers, shower, kitchen, and lots of cool custom furniture. Check out the video below for a guided tour.


Starting at $38,000 – ready to live in. If you would like to purchase the Acorn but don’t want it delivered until spring, you can pay 2/3rds of the agreed price and we will store it for you for free until you’re ready. Upon delivery, you will then pay the final 1/3rd of the agreed price. Click here to learn more.


exterior detail

Small Living on Private Island

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by Rachael Greenfield

Small cabin (12′ x 16″) and outhouse/shower on secluded island in Puget Sound. Ideal for aperson who is looking to live lightly on the land as it can be hooked to solar or wind energy, your choice!

Cabin has a loft (12′ x 8′) which lends to a roomy main floor. Interior is almost finished with insulation installed and canvas wall coverings. The outhouse has a sawdust toilet and the beginnings of a shower room that is currently used as storage. Very livable for a hardy soul.


Property is .26 acre with only one visible neighbor. Island teams with deer and raccoons, but no major predators. The ferry allows access to mainland daily. Current set-up includes all furniture and appliances such as: a propane heater, stove, lantern, bed(s), dishes, 2 kayaks, etc. Owner will have the ability to tap into island well and power lines, or simply harvest rain and go solar/wind energy. Island residents are helpful, but not intrusive. Showings can be arranged, but please be advised that you’ll spend about 5 hours on the island between ferries.

View on the posting on Zillow:

interior of cabin


exterior storage

cabin view


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Aqualodge Houseboat for Sale

by Kent Griswold on September 29th, 2013. 47 Comments

by Stephenie Hollyman

I have been living tiny now, floating, in fact, off and on when not teaching internationally. I have a 35 foot by 12.5 foot 2006 Aqualodge houseboat I am now selling in Miami, Florida. It just came out of the shipyard with a freshly painted bottom and sterling survey. It’s tied up at a marina in Miami Florida where the buyer could probably continue to live aboard as long as they call themselves ” year round cruisers.” It’s a wonderful way to live.

I am sadly selling it for $52,000 as I am moving to California. I have owned it for 3+years.

You can contact Stephenie via her email for more information: blazingcontent [at] yahoo [dot] com

Aqualodge houseboat

living room

living room wall


living area/kitchen

dining room



The Duck Chalet

by Kent Griswold on September 24th, 2013. 36 Comments

My husband, Jeff, and I wanted to share our latest summer side-project that is now for sale – the Duck Chalet! It stemmed from our love for small, intuitively designed, and cost effective dwellings.

We are both green home designers and builders here in Northern New York, and lately we have been building smaller and smaller homes with higher energy efficiencies and more attention to the everyday feasibility of the living space to minimize wasted space and energy.

the duck chalet

A tiny house was right up our alley and the next eventual step in our progression. Ever since the beginning of the movement we have fallen in love with tiny houses, but never had the time to build one. We started designing the tiny house a year and a half ago, and finally built it these past 4 months.

living room

In order to get the maximum width and use out of the trailer, it had to be modified to provide load baring portions for the walls outside of the trailer frame rails. This gave us a maximum width and allowed us to save every precious inch of space we could.

loft view

In addition to the excessive attention to detail and space management, we tried to supplement it with bits of custom handmade cabinetry, cedar trim and accents, and a warm interior. Along the way we both came up with our funky little living room/dinette set system and fell in love with the idea as well. Is it feasible to switch around every day for different uses? Not necessarily, but it’s great to have options – especially when you have a few unexpected visitors for dinner.

side table

One pet peeve we both had with tiny houses is the fact that everyone has the trailer tongue hanging out of the front or back with little to no use aside from some propane tanks or A/C unit mounts. We’ve seen a few drawbridge style chain supported decks, but never one that completely covered, concealed, and took advantage of the trailer tongue’s strength to support a deck. We think our porch deck gives you that feeling of being in a cute country home in addition to discouraging theft of the home ;)

loft bed

My husband and I have really enjoyed the entire process and therefore, we’re hoping our tiny home receives a warm reception so we can further justify delegating more of our time to these wonderful humble abodes. We have so many more ideas ready to go for the next one! ;)

The link to our listing on Tiny House Listings is:

Thank you so much!

-Jeff and Kalie Brady

kitchen cabinets

kitchen storage


the duck chalet in the evening light