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Tiny Simple House Concept

My friend Michael Janzen of the Tiny House Design and the Tiny Free House has been working on a concept for an easily customized house that most owner-builders could build. He is calling this design the Tiny Simple House and has come up with a concept roughly based on the shotgun houses of old. He […]

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Uber Shelter

Uber Shelter is an amazing concept for a portable housing unit that would help people in meeting their immediate shelter requirements created by disastrous events. This great concept is designed by Rafael Smith. This shelter can be very quickly transported and reassembled with just few necessary tools and offer victims with individual living space. The […]

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Ross Chapin and Tiny House Communities

A few years ago I was given the chance to visit the Third Street Cottages on Whidbey Island and the opening of the Greenwood Avenue Cottages in Seattle. These communities, by renowned architect Ross Chapin and developer Jim Soules, have become famous for being small, sustainable and community oriented. Chapin calls them pocket neighborhoods. I […]

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