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Tiny Knitted Cob Cottage

 Katie and her husband enjoy reading about tiny houses and hope to build one someday. She is also a knitting pattern designer and has just finished making a pattern of a tiny cob cottage. Here is what she says about it: Styled after a cob cottage with a living roof covered with plants and flowers, […]

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Lives in a Van

The sad news these days seems to be centered on people losing their homes and maybe having to live in their car, truck or RV. Dave Thorsrud has been living out of his van for over a year, but he is doing it in an effort to live a simpler life. His website, Lives in […]

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Tiny House Inspiration

Today I took our dog to my folks place in Ukiah as we will be heading out of town for a few days to see my in-laws and pickup my daughter from college and bring her home for spring break. My dad has been working on what originally was supposed to be a wood shed […]

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