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Gruene Homestead Silo

I really like silos converted into homes and here is a really cool one that has been converted into a place of lodging. It is essentially a one bedroom loft apartment built into a 1940’s grain silo. I could see myself living in this and I would enjoy it very much. Frequent guests of Gruene […]

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Farm Buildings into Tiny Houses

It’s Earth Day and I thought one way to take a look to it was through our agricultural roots. I’ve been out getting the earth ready for my garden early this morning and thought  this story would fit in today. This story comes from Kevin one of our readers who owns a small farm in […]

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Sunset Modern Cottages

Small pre-fab home being constructed in Sunset Magazine parking lot Thank you Diane for sending me this link and catching this story. I for one want to follow along and hope Sunset will post more photos of the actual build. Sunset Magazine, which is a big national magazine and usually features large luxury homes and […]

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