A Tour of DC’s Micro Showcase

It all started with Brian Levy wanting to grow fresh vegetables. When the Washington, DC resident lost his community garden to a new development, he decided to purchase an ally lot in the Stronghold neighborhood of DC next to the Glennwood Cemetery. Once the veggies were established, other sustainable possibilities came to light and the Micro Showcase was born. Continue reading

My Tiny House Horse Trailer

horse trailer tiny home

Guest Post by Tom Hebert

In 2002, I designed and built this as a combination horse trailer and live-in camper. Come the Millennium and I could live in it. It is the only trailer designed and built in America to be pulled by a four-cylinder vehicle. I get up to 19 MPG on the road and it will go and has gone, just about everywhere a trailer can go. The design key to the design, is that it is a single-axle, which is actually safer than a four-wheel horse trailer because one takes care of the tires carefully. Most flats on horse trailers occur because folks don’t take care of the tires. And this rig is built stronger than other horse trailers. Plus after many thousands of miles over 13 years, my horse still loves to travel in it. Note the large window he can see out of while I can watch him to see that everything is okay back there. Continue reading

Tiny Steampunk House Built by Film Set Designer and Movie Stylist

Having access to leftover movie sets would be like being a kid in a candy store. For Brandon Batchelder, a set designer, and Chloe Barcelou, a stylist — it’s part of their every day lives. Working in the film industry has given them access to various film sets and the materials (and a steamer trunk) inspired their whimsical tiny house on wheels.


The couple periodically move for their work and have lived in various apartments and even a 20×20 shed, but Chloe had the idea for a tiny house made with recycled materials they scrounged during their various jobs. The 300 square foot home, built on a $1,000 trailer from Craigslist, took the couple about a year to build and cost about $10,000. Continue reading