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Backyard Dwelling

The attached is our attempt to provide a solution for anyone who wants to build a “granny flat” in their backyard for an aging parent. My brother-in-law built a granny flat for his mother and they spent the last 17 years of her life living happily close by until she died at 98. We are […]

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Starlet Accessory Living Unit

Last fall we were approached by a woman who was interested in building a cottage in her son’s back yard in St. Petersburg. We looked through the local zoning regulations and found that the property allowed for Accessory Living Units (ALUs), but not Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The difference between the two in St. Petersburg zoning was that […]

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Where it all began In 1978 Jon Carroll (owner) tree planted with the largest worker owned co-op in the United States – Hoedads Reforestation Cooperative. With his family, including his 3 year old son Jen Carroll (owner), Jon spent half the year in the Northwest forests, working and living. They began with pitching a tent, […]

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