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Creating Tiny Home Community in our NIMBY World

So you want to start a tiny house community…The world of development is complicated, doubly so for non-traditional concepts or even for projects labeled ‘affordable housing’. These kinds of developments raise concerns about lowering property values, safety, community aesthetics, etc. Welcome to the reality of NIMBY (not in my backyard) criticism. Community education is often the first […]

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Moksha Osgood’s San Francisco Backyard Cabana

Living in the heart of San Francisco is not the most inexpensive option in the world, but designer and woodworker Moksha Osgood has been making it work for over eight years. Osgood, of Moksha Woodwork Designs, build a simple, but beautiful tiny house in a friend’s backyard. It only took him three weeks and just $1,500 […]

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Kinetohaus Plans and Texas Airbnb Rental

What was initially a designer’s school project has become one of the most unique and affordable tiny homes. The Kinetohaus by Davis Richardson Design looks more expensive than it actually is. Richardson built the 240 square foot THOW to live in during graduate school; it took him nine weeks and only cost $25,000 to build. The house […]

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