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EcoZoom Plancha Cook Stove

EcoZoom Plancha

Tom Pritchard from EcoZoom located in Oregon contacted me a while back about their wood cooking stove called the EcoZoom Plancha. He thought the owners of tiny houses might be interested in the stove and asked me to review it. The stove arrived via FedEX and I was anxious to check it out and give […]

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Small Office Fits in a Box

compact desk

Ben a long time reader and one who regularly sends me ideas for blog posts. Recently, he sent this link to a unique design for a tiny office. When space is an issue in a tiny or small home this little office design would work perfectly. The prototype was designed by an Uruguayan designer, Claudio […]

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Nomad – Simple, Modern, Mobile Furniture

nomad desk

Advertisement Nomads are traditionally characterized by moving from place to place following herds, water, or pastures. As a college student I found myself moving from place to place, not in search of sustenance, but in search of opportunity, be it school, dating, experience, or career. We are “modern nomads;” we struggle with the real-life hassles […]

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