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Review of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and Their Houses

Thinking about buying a Tumbleweed Tiny House? Read this first! Unless you just found out about the tiny house movement yesterday, you’ve already heard of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. The Tiny House Blog is here to give you the full scoop. * Their work is the real deal. Tumbleweeds are considered recreational vehicles, and […]

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Tiny Mobile Home Design Ideas | Top 10 Tips

Is the open road calling your name? The Tiny House Blog is here to help you start your journey the right way with these top 10 design ideas for small mobile homes. 10. Use a composting toilet The most expensive components of a mobile home, just like a home with a foundation, are the plumbing […]

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Best Sun Mar Composting Toilets for Tiny Homes

Sun Mar logo

  In the world of composting toilets, Sun Mar sets a standard of excellence that few other brands are able to match.  (Though if you want something without the bells and whistles, and for a whole lot less money, check this out.) The Tiny House Blog has combed through the various models they have to […]

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