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Tilt Sofa Bed

In my search for furnishing for tiny spaces. I came across a company called apt which stands for apt: Adjective, exactly suitable.  The cool thing is that the furniture designed by this company is aimed at small spaces, which is exactly what we are looking for. The studio collection of sofa beds is designed for one […]

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Small Shower for Tiny Spaces

Most likely your tiny house is going to have a smaller bathroom than a larger home. A shower is a very important feature to have. An attractive shower that fits into your small house is a must. For a visual centerpiece check out this unit by LineaAqua. Here are some of its features. It’s bold, […]

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Home Security System

If you are living in a small or tiny house, you most likely won’t have as many material things around as you would in a larger home. However, the quality of these items you have may be more. Each piece of furniture, appliance or equipment has its special purpose so you do not want someone […]

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