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Tiny Timber Frame Update

I’ve been wanting to do an update on Ian’s timber frame tiny house that he has been building in Worcester, Massachusetts.  You can view the original post here and get Ian’s story. Ian has been building the house in a firehouse building and just moved it to its permanent location. Here is what Ian says: […]

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Quarters: Prefabricated Housing

Bowen Island seems to be an attraction for tiny houses. It’s home to the Eco-Shed by Alex of Shedworking and now is home to the Quarters house by industrial designer Amanda Huynh in collaboration with Anna Gukov, Lydia Cambron and Emilie Madill.

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Les Roulottes de Campagne

The Roulottes de Campagne were designed by the same company who created the Carré d’étoile or the French Cube. Gypsy caravans like these are offered in over 50 locations within France. They cater to vacationing Europeans, but tiny house advocates can get a lot of ideas on how to live luxuriously in a small space with these beautiful photos.

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