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Brigadoon – Bungalow in a Box – Update

Recently I have been in touch with Raoul Hennin of Bungalow in a Box and requested an update on his work. (read our previous post here). Raoul has been working on updating his site with some recent projects and also has added a couple of cool videos as well. You can watch one of them […]

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Gypsy Rose

Because of their size and aesthetics, tiny houses lend themselves to being named: weeHouse, Tumbleweed, Box Turtle. Rarely do you see a 3,500 square foot house with a name. Kevin Rose named his mobile house Gypsy Rose, after his last name and the fact that his lifestyle in this tiny house and aboard his boat […]

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Timberlast – New Kits

David Fernandez of Timberlast who builds timberframes on the east coast wants to let you know that he is now offering new kits. David says our Timberframe kits come complete for a weather tight shell that’s easy to build and ready for you to do as little or as much as you like with the […]

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