The Deja Vu

The Deja Vu

by Hal McClendon

I’m a few days from finishing up this little jewel “The Deja Vu” for a client that lives in Portland Oregon. She is very excited to get her new home. It has been under construction since March 4th this year. It will be delivered June 14th. Continue reading

University Students Build Bayview Tiny House


My pastor friend Walt Groff in California first shared this story with me. Today I received an email from Derek Peters sending me some beautiful photos he and Levon Kotanko had taken of this beautiful home. So I decided to jump on this story and share it with you. Both my niece and nephew attend school here and my nephew plans on attending the School of Architecture.

Andrews University students a Seventh-day Adventist University located in Michigan decided to skip an international mission trip for a project that will help people closer to home. Rather than their usual mission trip to South America a professor challenged them to build a fully functional home in just 148 square feet. Their goal to build it for underprivileged people in the community. Continue reading

Camera Buildings Filter Studio and Lighthouse

Camera Buildings designs and builds tiny prefab houses and spaces that can be customized to accommodate any type of need including a yoga space, extra bedroom or office. Buyers also have three designs to choose from: the stylish Filter Studio or the larger Filter House and the mobile Lighthouse.


The Filter Studio

The ideas for the Lighthouse, the Filter Studio, and the Filter House all come from the desire to make better homes (or buildings, in the case of the Filter Studio) for people,” John McFarlane of Camera Buildings said. “Tiny houses are so exciting because they are a design challenge to get the same value as a large home from a much smaller building. What’s been great to see is that the idea has really worked for many people who are able to live much better in tiny houses than they were in larger spaces that didn’t suit their needs.” Continue reading

Spice Box Homes Mountain Mansard

The name for this 105 square foot house fits perfectly. The tiny structure would be at home in any rustic, mountain landscape and its distinctive mansard roof is different from many tiny homes. This little, mobile house is the newest edition to the Spice Box Homes repertoire and will be available for sale June 2015. Continue reading

Pin-up Houses


Guest Post by Joshua Woodsman

Cabin homes are typically small homes, designed with simplicity. Often used as vacation homes for families or just for a couple. These compact small homes offer a warm ambiance, creating an intimacy that can be lacking in larger, more formal homes. Small cabins are ideal for those who looking to build a smart, flexible, cost-efficient, and energy-saving home. Small homes are more affordable and easier to build, heat, cool, clean, and maintain.

The most important step in building a house is easy-to-follow plans. Pin-up houses offer these very plans. Here we have the Cheryl Cabin. It can be used as a holiday home, a guesthouse, or simply a place to escape in your garden. The plans clearly describe the entire process in detail. Anyone can build this cabin. Continue reading