Tinywood Homes Extend Living Space with Gazebos and Hot Tubs

Aidan Reeve of the Tinywood Homes company in Warwickshire, England has been a professional designer and builder for over 20 years and created these tiny and luxurious little homes for glamping purposes. However, these well-designed structures (with optional wood heated hot tubs) can be lived in full time. The Tinywoods are rented in the Warwickshire area, but if you live in England, the homes can be purchased and delivered and installed on your property. Continue reading

Dwayne’s Tiny House Project

tiny house

Dwayne shared a larger home he built sometime back and he recently contacted me about another build he is completing. You can view his cottage home from the last post here.

Dwayne says: I just built a 60 square foot tiny home on a trailer. This model does not have a restroom but it has AC, a fold down custom bed, hardwood flooring, vaulted ceiling, and electrical service with ceiling and exterior lights. Continue reading

Minimaliste Tiny House

Sequoia exterior

by Philippe Beaudoin

Minimaliste is a startup company, we are working with a 3D artist and the Sequoia is a result of six months of design. I started the Facebook page a couple of months ago and it helped me to find some serious investors.

These tiny houses are fully equipped and designed so that a group of 2 to 4 people can live there. In addition, they have the added bonus of being mobile, that is to say, they can be towed by a conventional truck such as a Ford F-150 or F-250. Main or second home, cottage, studio, office, hunting camp … Minimaliste’s creativity has no limits. In addition, the company offers a travel and delivery service so that customers need not own a truck if they are interested in our products. Continue reading