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Welcome to the BunKaboose

Allow me to be frank. I am an easy consumer. I’ve never met a point-of-sale item I didn’t want to pick up and walk away with. I’m the guy that goes to IKEA and opens my wallet for the overflowing bin of plastic 3-piece kitchen utensil sets for just $2.03. So considering my affinity for […]

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Tiny Houses of Maine Offer Shells, Trailers and ADU

Carpenter Luke Lucier began to build tiny homes on wheels, not only for their mobility, but because he felt that the THOW fits the lifestyles of Mainers. Many people in this northern state live in rural areas and can now live more affordably and sustainably with another tiny house option for the Pine Tree State. […]

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Cheap Storage Shed Homes for Sale

An unfinished, pre-built storage shed could be the fastest and cheapest way to realize the tiny house lifestyle of your dreams. Crazy? Like a fox. So, what’s the difference between a storage shed and a tiny house? Labels. You might be surprised how much money you can save with the economies of factory production and […]

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