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Off Grid Solar System

Walt Barrett from China Depot and the Micro-House builder featured in a previous post is now offering off the grid electric systems designed just for tiny houses. There are three different packages that range from a 10 watt system, a 20 watt system and a 40 watt system. They range in price from $100 to […]

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Real Goods Tiny Houses

I am very lucky to be living in Northern California where there is a lot of tiny house activities going on. Besides, Jay with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Bill with Tortoise Shell Homes and Stephen with Little House on the Trailer, I am just 45 minutes from Hopland and the flagship Real Goods Store and […]

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Building houses from shipping containers is not new, but I think this might be the first company I have seen that builds smaller homes that are environmentally friendly and can be secured tight like a tiny little bunker. Ecopods are built from recycled 8×20 steel shipping containers transformed into living, working and high end display […]

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