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Sharon’s Small House Story

My husband and I have been living in a small home rental in Portland, Oreogn for the past year and a half. Our cottage is about 450 square feet. It feels quite spacious to us. Both of us grew up in very large homes full of family, friends, and fun and we loved it, but […]

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Bruce’s Sad Small House Story

This is a sad story. This small house is falling to wrack and ruin on a Maine island. I was told it once housed a (year-round) with kids. The current owner uses it as a large storage shed. The dimensions were taken on the outside walls. The roof actually is larger than the dimensions shown […]

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From 5600 to 800 Square Feet- And Lovin’ It!

Guest Post by Derek Diedricksen The following is an interview with Dustin “Dr. Demolition” Diedricksen, as conducted by his brother Derek/”Deek” from and “Tiny Yellow House” TV on youtube. As it mentions the duos Vermont Cabin quite a bit, be sure to check out their video tour that was shot last year (Tiny Yellow House Episode #5) . […]

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