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Johnny’s Hawaiian Small House Story

My story. I’m a self employed housekeeper/gardener/painter. Back in the 1990’s I set about buying a house. Can you guess what sort of reaction I got from mortgage bankers when I told them what I do for a living and how much money I earn? I did all sorts of research with many weekend field […]

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StrawBale’s Applegate Residence

I am excited to introduce a brand new small house straw bale plan. I have been involved with Gabriella Morrison wife of Andrew Morrison of to design a straw bale home for the Tiny House Blog readership. The new home has been named The Applegate Residence. These plans are fresh and hot off the […]

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New Avenue Homes: Clean Energy Showcase Home

Kevin Casey from New Avenue Homes and builder of the Berkeley Backyard Cottage was featured last year. He has since introduced a new home called the Clean Energy Showcase Home. I wanted to get this up ASAP as it is being featured at the Pacific Coast Builders conference this weekend June 24 – 26th. If you […]

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