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DIY Tiny Home Renovation Planning

Your house might be tiny, but renovating it is a huge deal. Tiny homes come with unique needs, which means they usually need custom pieces that work well in the home. Not only do pieces need to fit, but they need to be multi-functional to make the most out of your space. Ordering custom pieces […]

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11 Easy Ways To Downsize And Simplify, No Matter What Size Your Home

Downsizing and going tiny isn’t for everyone, but purging your closets and countertops of unwanted and unnecessary stacks of stuff is not only good for your household but great for your soul. Many articles support that clutter encourages anxiety. So, let’s partner together on this organizational journey. While my planner may be color-coded, sometimes my house isn’t. […]

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5 Ways to Add a Meditation Space to Your Tiny House

You’ve decluttered and culled. You’ve downsized and minimized. Now you’ve moved into your new tiny house, but something is missing. With such a small space and barely any room for a bathroom, what sometimes goes by the wayside is a meditation space or spiritual corner. A tiny meditation space in a tiny house can still […]

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