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How Tiny Houses Can Support Sustainable Development

There are many reasons why people choose the tiny house lifestyle. Traveling with your home is a common one, or it could be because you want to live more minimally. In the end, it’s usually a combination of factors that truly makes up someone’s mind on purchasing a tiny house. One common denominator many people […]

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3 Things We’ve Noticed Since Going Tiny and Paying Off Debt

When we decided to minimize, simplify, and downsize to tiny home living a year ago, financial freedom was one of our driving motivators. Ours is a hard-working family who still lived paycheck to paycheck due to circumstances like medical bills and living in areas of high poverty and low employment (therefore, the living wage was […]

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DIY Tiny Home Renovation Planning

Your house might be tiny, but renovating it is a huge deal. Tiny homes come with unique needs, which means they usually need custom pieces that work well in the home. Not only do pieces need to fit, but they need to be multi-functional to make the most out of your space. Ordering custom pieces […]

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