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Helpful Tips For Downsizing: PART 3

PART 3: Take Action In PART 1 you learned to START EARLY before you actually need to downsize. If possible, don’t wait until you’re forced to make decisions about keeping or getting rid of your things. You also learned some helpful tips to keep in mind while you REDISCOVER your belongings. In PART 2 you […]

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Helpful Tips For Downsizing: PART 2

A shelf in the garage, a junk drawer, a desk covered in papers, a stack of magazines, a box of old photos… Throughout life we tend to collect belongings without thinking about why we are keeping them. We buy things we once needed or wanted and we receive gifts from loved ones and friends. Sometimes […]

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Helpful Tips For Downsizing: PART 1

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PART 1: Start Early You may be thinking “I already live in a tiny house,” or “I’m not moving anywhere,” or “I don’t need to downsize.” Even if you’re not preparing to downsize, the ideas in this 3-part series can help anyone that may need a little inspiration to examine the clutter in their lives. […]

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