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Hanging Out On Google

As we continue to unlock the “secrets” of being a digital nomad or really just dissecting some of the elements of being one, we can’t go much deeper without first talking about basic video conferencing and screen sharing. It is so important to have the ability to share a screen with a teammate or client […]

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Simple Stairs For The Tiny House

When we were building our tiny house I remember several sets of makeshift stairs. In fact, they were so makeshift I would hardly call them stairs (or steps). In fact, the first version was just some old cinderblocks stacked on top of each other. The first fall I took not only hurt my pride but […]

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Connecting Propane To Your Tiny House

Propane. Can’t live with it. Can’t stop talking about it. I like to call it the “friendly flammable.” But what is it exactly? WHAT IS PROPANE? Also known as liquid petroleum gas, LP-gas, and LPG, propane is produced in roughly equal amounts from both natural gas and crude oil sources.  Propane is nontoxic, colorless, and […]

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