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How-To Create A Collapsible Countertop

Living in a tiny house is all about the exchange of space. You give a little. You get a little. However, one of the biggest sacrifices is found in the kitchen. There is never enough counter space in a tiny house kitchen. Whether it is at breakfast time or preparing a snack or even just […]

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Even Ladders Can Be Tiny For A Tiny House

I simply can’t say it enough. Space is a constant concern for a tiny house of any sort. When living in a THOW a ladder of at least 10′ high can come in handy for a number of reasons: cleaning/clearing your roof, washing your skylight window, adjusting a solar panel, and more. When living in […]

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Pet Food Storage In Small Places

When moving aboard our 42′ sailboat almost a year and a half ago, it was critical to find a safe place to store dog food right away before we untied the lines and left the dock for good. With not one, but two large dogs, we go through a fair amount of dog food every […]

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