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Planing Rough Cut Lumber For Your Tiny House

Using a variety of saws and woodworking equipment can indeed be intimidating. From planers to scrolls to chops to shapers, the arsenal is lengthy. But nothing looks as good (or smells as good!) or presents as well as nice, home-milled, rough cut lumber. In building the Tiny r(E)volution tiny house we used no less than […]

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Creating Summertime Shade For Your Tiny House

I am an unabashed music theatre fan and anytime the mercury rises I can hear File and company from Harvey Schmidt’s ‘110 In The Shade’ singing: Overhead the sun is shining / Not a cloud across the sky / Not a sign on the horizon / And it’s gonna be another hot day / Yes, […]

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Add A Closet Office To Your Home


Guest Post by John Miller Having a home office to stay organized and focused is one of the many ideas that may have come to your mind, but many of us don’t have an extra room in our houses to convert into a dedicated office. If you are one of us with tiny house, I […]

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