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Even Ladders Can Be Tiny For A Tiny House

I simply can’t say it enough. Space is a constant concern for a tiny house of any sort. When living in a THOW a ladder of at least 10′ high can come in handy for a number of reasons: cleaning/clearing your roof, washing your skylight window, adjusting a solar panel, and more. When living in […]

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Pet Food Storage In Small Places

When moving aboard our 42′ sailboat almost a year and a half ago, it was critical to find a safe place to store dog food right away before we untied the lines and left the dock for good. With not one, but two large dogs, we go through a fair amount of dog food every […]

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Hanging Out On Google

As we continue to unlock the “secrets” of being a digital nomad or really just dissecting some of the elements of being one, we can’t go much deeper without first talking about basic video conferencing and screen sharing. It is so important to have the ability to share a screen with a teammate or client […]

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