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How to Achieve Spaciousness in Your Tiny House

Tiny houses are a great option for those who don’t want to be surrounded by debt. However, the smaller homes and rooms inside can push your comfort levels to new limits. To lessen the claustrophobic feelings and keep the space open, you want to avoid cramming too much stuff in your home. Instead of littering […]

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Basic Trailer Maintenance

When living in a tiny house on wheels it is very easy to overlook what should be the most carefully maintained part: the actual trailer. Despite the simple engineering of a couple of axles, some wheels, and maybe some brakes, the role of the trailer in the tiny house world is so crucial. These frames […]

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A Digital Nomad Roundup

This month we’ve talked about being a digital nomad, tools for being a successful digital nomad, finding a job as digital nomad, and few other odds and ends. But by this point many are wondering about making money (and banking in general) as a digital nomad. So let’s talk banking, financial transactions, and maybe a […]

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