Choosing A Wardrobe Fit For the Tiny House Life

Fashions fade, style is eternal.

~ Yves Saint Laurent

Choosing A Wardrobe Fit For the Tiny

Years ago I would wonder why some of the world’s most successful people always seemed to be wearing the same thing. It was as if they either had a daily uniform or were just way too predictable. Whatever the case even today some of our most fascinating cultural icons don a daily uniform. Consider Mark Zuckerberg and his gray t-shirt and zip-up sweatshirt. Or what about designer Thom Browne who is never seen out of his cropped pants and no-socks uniform? Then there’s our own POTUS who seems to have cornered the market on navy blue, single-breasted suits.  And who could forget the late Steve Jobs who made history multiple times in a black, mock turtleneck? The point is, when you have a busy life or want to eliminate clutter and frivolous decision making or just want to keep things in perspective, wearing a well thought out wardrobe gives you one less thing to think about. Continue reading

The Ultimate Pet Food For Tiny Homes


You may remember the post I wrote several weeks ago about Storing Pet Food in Small Places. Living in roughly 360 square feet of living space presents many challenges for storing essential items like food products and I was thrilled to let you all in on my little secret.

The SoftStore30 bags not only solved my problem of storing bulk quantities of dog food in storage compartments that are less than generously sized and oddly shaped, but they also solved my concern for keeping the food airtight, watertight and bugtight. All equally important issues for living in a tiny floating home in the Caribbean.

“I’ve stumbled upon an even better way to save space…”

Well, now I’ve got something even more exciting to share with you! I still use these awesome containers, but I’ve stumbled upon an even better way to save space. I’ve changed what I put inside them! Continue reading

Planing Rough Cut Lumber For Your Tiny House

Using a variety of saws and woodworking equipment can indeed be intimidating. From planers to scrolls to chops to shapers, the arsenal is lengthy. But nothing looks as good (or smells as good!) or presents as well as nice, home-milled, rough cut lumber.

Espresso ShotIn building the Tiny r(E)volution tiny house we used no less than three species of rough cut. We used some beautiful 108-year old Yellow Pine, some Eastern Black Walnut, and a very few pieces of 30-year old Cedar. It was truly a wonderful learning experience for us and produced some of the most beautiful and original components of any house we have ever lived in.


In this video I take a few minutes to show how to get a nice, workable piece of lumber from an ordinary rough cut from a tree.


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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

Creating Summertime Shade For Your Tiny House

I am an unabashed music theatre fan and anytime the mercury rises I can hear File and company from Harvey Schmidt’s ‘110 In The Shade’ singing:

Overhead the sun is shining /
Not a cloud across the sky /
Not a sign on the horizon /
And it’s gonna be another hot day /
Yes, it’s gonna be another hot day

for the TINY HOUSELast I checked few people truly like the hot sun. In fact, throughout history humans have constructed hats, worn bandanas, taken siestas, rubbed clay masks on, and more, just to ward off the sun. But truth be told there is something poetic about the warmth that beams down on our weary faces and we enjoy sitting out in it even if coaxed by sweet tea or lemonaide and the promise of blossoming flowers and green grass. How much more pleasant would it be though if we could do so under the shade of an awning or porch roof? Just because we live in a tiny house doesn’t mean we can’t. Scores of THOW’s have found ways to take shade and there may be several more ideas just waiting to be employed. Continue reading

Add A Closet Office To Your Home


Guest Post by John Miller

Having a home office to stay organized and focused is one of the many ideas that may have come to your mind, but many of us don’t have an extra room in our houses to convert into a dedicated office. If you are one of us with tiny house, I have a great idea for you – converting a closet into a home office can be your best solution.

Since we do not use many closets in our homes to their optimum level, converting one into your home office can help you in organizing your work, staying functional and properly managing your business from home. Now that you are thinking to convert that poorly utilized hall closet into a home office, we have some tips to help you. Continue reading