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5 Ways to Add a Meditation Space to Your Tiny House

You’ve decluttered and culled. You’ve downsized and minimized. Now you’ve moved into your new tiny house, but something is missing. With such a small space and barely any room for a bathroom, what sometimes goes by the wayside is a meditation space or spiritual corner. A tiny meditation space in a tiny house can still […]

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Tiny House Road Life Reality Check

Traveling tiny houses get dirty, no matter how frequently they hit the road. After our first cross-country road trip, from North Carolina to Colorado, our windows looked dingy and mud splattered. The bottom few boards of our siding were grimy, dark and sticky.  After each subsequent trip, the road grime slowly climbed higher and higher.  […]

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On the Go with the American Press

My wife has been out of town the last couple of days and I pulled out the trusty American Press to make just a single cup of coffee for myself instead of using the large French Press we usually use for several cups of coffee. The American Press is great anytime really, whether on the […]

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