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Stovetec Alternative Cook Stove

Case Turner an avid outdoors person, small camp boater, and Design associate for a Architecture firm is always looking for smaller more efficient products and ideas for everyday life! Case contacted me about these alternative cook stoves and I thought they might be useful in a small space. StoveTec was created in the fall of […]

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Sawdust Burning Stove

Matt came across this on youtube the other day. A type of rocket stove I think. It would be very cheap to make and operate. A sawdust burning stove which burns smokeless, unattended for over 8 hours per charge. Perfect for a woodworking shop or other small space. I did a little more research and […]

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Portable Heater and Air Conditioner

If you live in a small space you need a way to heat and cool the space one way is through efficient space heaters. Todd Erend contacted me about his company called Climate Right and they have recently developed a heating/cooling unit made specifically for small spaces. I am going to let Todd tell you […]

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