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Electricity in a Tiny Floating Home

Electricity is something we all take for granted. Power lines are strung from house to house, from every street corner, in every office. Rural communities, downtown hubs and all structures in between all have the ability to plug in and pay for individual power usage that is pulled from the grid. What about tiny houses […]

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Refrigeration in a Tiny Floating Home

Refrigeration in a tiny floating home is an essential part of our systems.  Most liveaboard boats are equipped with refrigeration, though some are not. Some people simply store food with a cooler packed with ice. Where I like to travel, ice doesn’t last long so it was an easy decision to place value in outfitting the boat […]

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Normal Things In Not So Normal Spaces

Whether your house is tiny or whether your house is ten stories tall, a bed is a normal thing you would expect to find in a house. Everyone needs a place to sleep. Sometimes, you may find normal things in not so normal spaces… The mattress in my tiny floating home is a convenient *cough* […]

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