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Santa Barbara’s Only True Houseboat is For Sale

There is just something about living on the water that draws me. This home is very unique and like me you may find the price way out of your range. However, I like to share all options for downsizing and this is a winner in my humble opinion. This is also what I would consider […]

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Big Improvements in a Tiny Space

In a tiny space, comfort is very important. We can use lighting, paint, temperature, texture, furniture and fabric to help achieve a level of comfort that suits us best. I may live a much more simple life than I did before but I am still a homebody and I still value the warm fuzzy feeling […]

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Claustrophobic Moments

Just because I choose to live in a tiny floating home does not mean that I am exempt from having claustrophobic moments. Yes I love the tiny spaces of my home that are just big enough to hold the essential items, but there are other times when I curse those spaces with tears and frustration. You […]

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