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Living in the Future

According to the Lammas ecovillage in Wales, living in the future means looking to the past. This series of videos shows the baby ecovillage’s plans and struggles to develop a low impact village in the open countryside. The series also profiles several other successful ecovillages around Europe.

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Simple Life History

By Dan Price In 1990, I moved back to my home state of Oregon intent on living in a tipi and getting rid of mortgages or rent. I looked for a suitable piece of property for months and finally located a 2 acre meadow next to the Wallowa River near the town of Joseph. The […]

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Taproot Farm Cob Workshop

Review by Kasey March About two months ago my boyfriend, Shane, sent me an odd text, “Can you take off from work July 8 – 11?” “I think so, why?” “We’re going on vacation.” And so began the Super Secret Vacation saga. For weeks I guessed where we might be going and worried about what […]

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