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Underground Micro Home

Guest Post by Walt Barrett part 1. Here in New England it gets pretty cold in the winter, and the temperature hovers around the freezing mark. We have already built a 128 square foot micro home to use as a test bed for our energy saving products, and now we are giving serious thought to […]

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The Mexican Casita

Using a word dating back from the 1860’s, the casita might just be the original tiny house. The Spanish diminutive of casa or house is used to describe a small Latino style home, usually sharing space with other homes its size. My husband and I spent a portion of the holidays in Baja, Mexico, and […]

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Ziggy visits Cob Cottage Company

Ziggy, who built his own cob house sent me a note telling me about his visit to the the Cob Cottage Company in Oregon. He just put up a post with a slide show of pictures of his visit. He went to visit Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley in their home in Coquille, Oregon. Ianto […]

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